“She [Jane Chan] deserves more time in the spotlight, her alternately jaunty, plaintive and menacing accompaniment adding to the play’s atmosphere enormously.”

-Jim Burke | Montreal Gazette

“Finally, one would have hoped to see and hear more of cellist Jane Chan, whose live accompaniment on stage pulsated the most moving moments of this love story of string theory with poignant vibe.”

-Camila Fitzgibbon | Montreal Theatre Hub

“The action is accompanied by a lone cello, performed beautifully by Jane Chan, which helps to distance the play from the veneer of realism it represents.”

-Marilla Steuter-Martin | Broadway World

“The moody and atmospheric music is provided by cellist Jane Chan, setting the right tone.”

-Yolanda Ramsay | Curtains Up

“Jane Chan, et sa musique, douce et chaleureuse, marquent les mots et les silences.”

-Ève Christian | Atuvu

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