PoseVI: Monody (after Hildegard) 2018 by Anthony Tan












« Les versets terrestres », tribute evening to the Iranian poet Forough Farrokhzad. 

Festivale Accés Asie May 2018

Album contributions

I, Alexander 2018

I, Alexander is the self-titled debut album by multi-instrumentalist Pedro Barquinha

Erik Hove Chamber Ensemble

Polygon 2017

Saturated Colour 2014

Isis Giraldo Poetry Project

Padre 2015

Naturaleza 2013

Chronicle Infinitas

Into the Light 2015

live recordings

Quatuor à Cordes en deux parties 2016

1ière partie

2ième partie 

by Simon Labbé

Nos Acechan - Isis Giraldo Poetry Project 2015

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